A tunnel company with a reputation of being innovators in the field of micro tunnel.

Micro tunneling is an advanced remote-controlled digging technique used to construct small tunnels. The highly developed technique allows for an impressive tunneling method that only companies knowledgeable in this practice can efficiently execute. 


SECA introduced micro tunneling to North America in 1984, with a crossing of Interstate 95 in Miami.

SECA built the first micro tunneled pipe arch tunnel in the U.S. for the Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority.

In 1991, our company constructed the first earth pressure balance TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) in NYC.

Our most recently completed DC Water ART project is the largest diameter microtunnel installation of Hobas pipe ever attempted!



In the past, our company projects have ranged from small cased crossings of highways and waterways to many 1000’s of feet for new sewer infrastructure.

We can assure our customers that SECA’s staff has experience successfully operating top of the line equipment. Our equipment is built by Iseki (1st in US), Herrenknecht (1st in US), Soltau, RASA, Markham/Okumura, and Wirth.


SECA has experience constructing tunnels in difficult conditions such as weak flowing soils, in glacial tills, as well as mixed face and rock. We also have a background in soft ground and rock tunnel boring machines (TBM’s), compressed air, drill and shoot. Using micro tunneling as a tool, SECA Underground has built sewers, waterlines, landfill leachate systems, lake and river taps, and structures.


SECA has constructed shafts up to 150' deep, utilizing various methods such as sinking concrete caissons, steel sheeting as well as drill and grout methods


SECA performs groundwater control measures utilizing various methods such as permeation grouting, jet grouting and chemical grouting 

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